Hall of Shame

Student Debt Relief Scheme Banned from Selling and Telemarketing. And Ordered to Pay Back Millions

"Piggybacking" Credit Repair Company Deceived Consumers

Office Depot Caught Tricking Customers. They're Fined $34 Million.

Can a Big Bank Be Bad? Very Bad?

Robocalls: Millions from Just One Telemarketers! But Gets Nailed by the FTC

"Imposter" Scams Take Top Spot in Fraud Reports for 2019!

Fake Online Reviews! Fake Social Media Posts! FTC Nails Two Bad Players...

Big-time For-Profit "University" Faces 191 Million-dollar Settlement for False Advertising

Top Executives Done for Fraud!

"Ponzi Scheme" Gets International Investment Group LLC Nailed to the Wall