The Federal Trade Commission is sending 4,782 checks totaling $76,368.54 to consumers who bought Isoprex, a supposed "miracle" pain supplement marketed to older Americans nationwide.


According to the FTC's April 2020 complaint, Renaissance Health Publishing, LLC and its owner, James DiGeorgia, advertised and sold Isoprex using both direct mail brochures and websites. Isoprex is a pill consisting primarily of a combination of various herbs and spices, which the defendants claimed could provide effective relief for older adults suffering from muscle and joint pain, headaches, arthritis, joint inflammation, and a range of other ailments.

The FTC alleges that Renaissance Health Publishing, LLC falsely claimed to have tests and studies to back up their product claims. They also failed to disclose that the endorsers appearing in their Isoprex ads were either compensated for their testimonials or were company employees.

A World of Advertisements

We're living in a world of advertisements, or ads, for short. Ads are everywhere around us, they're embedded in everything, and a lot of these ads don't even look like ads!

But here's one thing they all have in common: the ads want us to buy something, or believe something—whether or not there is value in what they're selling.