Fake News

Fake news. There's been a lot of discussion about it recently. While bogus stories and advertising cloaked as stories have been around for a long time, the Internet and now social media have helped to spread them quickly to more people.

Did you know that most young people don’t know when news is fake! Do you? How do you spot fake news?

And then there is "Native Advertising" - disguising a one-sided sales pitch to look like valuable information. It’s a radical shift in advertising that targets you. Are you falling for native – or invisible – advertising?

Check out the resources below on fake news and native adverting. And guess what? This is not fake news!

Are Deepfake Videos Impacting You?

Learn to Recognize Deepfake Videos

What Is Prebunking, and Why Should You Care?

Fact, Opinion, Misinformation, Fake News, DeepFakes. What's the Difference?

What Makes a Source Trustworthy?

Do You Recognize Fake News?

This Is Not Fake News!

Tips for Spotting Fake News

101 Ad-Proof Tips!

Most People Don't Know When News Is Fake. Do You?

Gotcha! Invisible Advertising Targets You (Some More)

Are You Falling for Native—or Invisible—Advertising?

Native Advertising: A Radical Shift in Advertising That Targets You

Are You Ready for "Native Advertising"?

Are You Ready for "Native Advertising"?

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