It was around 8th grade when I wanted to buy a pair of airpods, but the price for the Apple brand was way too much for me.

I didn't have regular income, but I had enough money saved up for a "no brand" pair that I had found off Instagram.

I had no idea that this could potentially be a scam.

I had no idea that this could potentially be a scam, all I saw was an ad with potential facts about the product, and a price that was cheaper than the Apple ones. Great!

Impulsively, I bought a pair of the earbuds. I gave the website all of my information, and paid full price. The company said they were tracking the package, but when the package was supposed to arrive, to my surprise, no package arrived.

I contacted the company to try and get a reason for the missing product, but there was no response whatsoever. The company didn't exist, and I was scammed out of my hard-earned money.

After all this I deleted my account and got a new credit card, but the principle of this is to know what you're buying, who you are buying from, whether they are a credible company, and whether it is really worth it.

I got scammed out of some hard-earned money, because I didn't pay attention, and didn't get the right information and facts before getting into the purchasing process. Tough lesson!