Colleges and graduate schools can be backbreaking when it comes to money. Why not get creative with ways to save more money and lessen that backbreaking load?

  1. Hang out with people who are careful with their money. Cutting your spending is easier when the crowd you run with is trying to do the same thing.

  2. Make one day a week a "spending-free day". This sounds weird, but it will give you courage, and isn't as hard as you think.

    • Make sandwiches for lunch and break out the Noodle packs for dinner. Invite friends for dinner, but tell them to bring their own eats.

    • Find a free way to get around. Use a bike, or bum a ride. But spend no money on transportation.

  3. Find a free day instead of paying for entertainment. Plenty of zoos, museums, and exhibits have free hours or days. Head there with friends.

  4. Quit taking your credit cards with you everywhere. Credit cards have a way of sneaking out of your wallet and running up charges. Leave them at home. Take cash or a debit card only.

  5. Lower your electric bill. Very easy to do.

    • Turn your heat down five degrees and wear a sweater. In the summer, set your A.C. five degrees warmer and wear a t-shirt when you're at home.

    • Seal the cracks around doors and windows! Easiest savings tip in the world. Buy a caulking gun, and get to work.

  6. Buy more! That is, buy bulk quantities of everyday items like toilet paper or shampoo, and buy from a discount house.

  7. Become a fringe buyer: buy your summer clothes at the end of the summer, your winter clothes as winter winds down. And don't forget to shop at used clothing stores. Head to stores in fancy neighborhoods.

  8. Fall in love with coupons! Young people don't "coupon," which is stupid. Generally, coupon saving is real saving.

  9. Wash the car! Actually, wash it after you have it serviced. Serviced vehicles really do run better and have less breakdowns, which are always budget breakers.

Budgeting doesn't have to be boring, be creative. Explore the rest of this website, too. There are lots of tips to help you with this money stuff!

Hope this helps.

Ciao, Will