I often browse financial and consumer-related websites and have found that by clicking through these websites (and the additional info links that they offer), one comes across a lot of useful and/or fun websites. (A lot of silly/useless/ridiculous ones, too, but let's not waste time on those!)

Whether you're out of money, out of time, or out of gas, these websites can help you and even protect your privacy.

One big warning: remember that all advertising—on these sites or on others—only gives you the good side of the story and most ads attempt to get you to make impulse purchases. So, forget the ads on these sites and dig into the hard info.

Anyway... to the links!

  • MyFridgeFood.com You have a few things left in your fridge, but not enough to make a meal. You're out of money, too... What to do? Go to MyFridgeFood.com, enter the items you do have, and this site will pull together all of the recipes possible with your leftover items. Dine like a king for no extra cash! (RecipePuppy.com also provides the same service.)

  • AccountKiller.com If you care about your personal data and want to get rid of an online account, you may want to visit this website. Useful tips and tricks on how to delete that useless MySpace account (or data on you that is still out there), for instance, can be found on this website. Get rid of your Twitter or Facebook account the same way.

  • CamelCamelCamel.com This free Amazon price tracker monitors tons of products (for example, that game you've been looking at forever...) and lets you know when the prices drop. Patience can save you money, literally!

  • JustEnglish.me Browse hundreds of legal sites to download literature all on one website. Need classic literature? Need textbooks? Chances are you can find it—free and legally—on this website.

  • RipeTrack.com You go to the grocery store to make your favorite guacamole for dipping your nachos, but all the avocados are hard as rocks. Check on which vegetables or fruits are ripe at any given time with Ripetrack.com. Simply brilliant!

  • WolframAlpha.com Need an answer to that seemingly impossible mathematic question for your homework? Have linguistic questions? Statistic and/or data analysis trouble? WolframAlpha will have the answer.

  • WeTransfer.com Need to send that big PowerPoint presentation file to your teacher but your email account won't let you because the file is too large? Want to send a movie to a friend? Not possible with email either, right? Well, with WeTransfer you can, easy as pie. (DropBox is another good site for this.)

  • GasBuddy.com Want to find the cheapest gas prices? GasBuddy will list all the gas stations in your area, compare their prices, and show you the options. You're on your way to saving money already!

Well, I think that is enough for now. I hope you found at least one of these to be useful, I sure did!

Want to find more valuable websites quickly yourself? Head to StumbleUpon.com and use their "Stumble" button to pull up random and (potentially) useful websites. You'll be surprised what you may find!

Good luck!

Cheers, Will